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Mamma’s Essentials

$70 / Month

Save $11 / Month

This energizing, lactation-inducing bundle supports skin, hair and nail health, simply and naturally.

Includes: Mamma’s Matcha & 2 Bags of Lactation Cookies / Month

Mamma’s Milkin’ More

$99 / Month

Save $30 / Month

Packed with superfood goodness and pro-lactating qualities, this bundle will have you milkin’ more in no time!

Includes: Milkin’ More + & 4 Bags of Lactation Cookies

Mamma’s Milkin’ Mega Pack

From $157 / Month

Save $45 / Month

Boost your milk supply and improve your health, naturally. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, this bundle will have you milkin’ mega in no time!

Includes: 2 Bags of Powdered Mix & 8 Bags of Lactation Cookies

We will get you Milkin’ More in no time!