Toddler Oatmeal

250g Bag

Give your little one the simple goodness of oatmeal, maple and flax with no artificial flavourings or additives.


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  1. Melissa (verified owner)

    My toddler loves maple oatmeal so I thought this would be a healthier version of the pre packaged kinds he was eating. It was a total hit with him! I sometimes add a sprinkle of brown sugar on top as a little treat!

  2. Philippa (verified owner)

    Made oatmeal balls with the maple toddler oatmeal.. my 2 year old loved making and eating them!

  3. Kinnon (verified owner)

    In the words of my 4 year old, “mmmm this is good, very good!” I’ll consider that a win!

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Nutritional Highlights

• High levels of B vitamins
• Source of iron and fibre

Full Nutritional Table


Moderately ground oats give your toddler a wholesome start.

The ingredients are perfect the way Mother Nature made them.