Milkin’ More On-The-Go

Lactation Capsules

60 Capsule Container

Perfect for your busy mom lifestyle, these capsules use the power of brewer’s yeast and flax seed to give you an on-the-go boost for your nursing needs.


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4 reviews for Milkin’ More On-The-Go

  1. Megan (verified owner)

    The capsules are so easy to take, perfect for a busy mama, and help with keeping my supply up!

  2. amkostiuk (verified owner)

    I took the On-The-Go capsules on vacation (with a 14 hour time difference) to keep my supply up while dealing with jet lag and being out of routine. The capsules are so easy to take and can be tossed into a purse or carry-on.

    I highly recommend the Milkin’ More On-The-Go capsules for any busy mommas but especially those that are travelling or feeling under the weather!

  3. Taylor Jorgenson (verified owner)

    One of my favourite products. So thankful for this new way to easily boost my supply. I am a creature of habit and having these right by my pump and with my vitamins allows me to remember to take them everyday. These products are tried and true and have saved my breastfeeding journey.

  4. rianaturner (verified owner)

    Milkin’ More On-The-Go capsules are easy to pack and have helped me keep my supply up while traveling with my family!

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Organic brewer’s yeast, Organic ground golden flax seed.

Full Nutritional Table

Nutritional Highlights

• Iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and fibre
• Vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, C, E, calcium and potassium)


Milkin’ More On-The-Go is a natural remedy made effective using galactagogue-filled ingredients that many mothers swear by!

Perfect for your busy lifestyle, these capsules give you an on-the-go boost for your nursing needs.

Galactagogue: A food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk.

We use ground flax seed in all of our recipes for easier digestion and nutrient absorption.

Flax seed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibre.

Brewer’s yeast is a superfood with high concentrations of vitamins and minerals.

This beneficial ingredient contains B vitamins, protein, iron, fibre and minerals which can help increase energy levels and boost breast milk.

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