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Banana Flax

Infant Oatmeal

250g Bag

Give your little one the simple goodness of oatmeal, bananas and flax with no artificial flavourings or additives.


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4 reviews for Banana Flax

  1. Alli Hutchinson (verified owner)

    My daughter loves this cereal! At 6 months it was the first oatmeal I could actually get her to eat (she spit out all the grocery store brands). Plus, I love the natural ingredients!

  2. Jessica Woods

    This was the first oatmeal I ever gave to my son at 5 months old. He absolutely loves it! I love the simple and natural ingredients and how versatile it is. I mix this oatmeal with different purees and it helps him try new flavors!

  3. Amy Huebner (verified owner)

    We just started my babe on solids… I can feel good about giving this to my baby.
    Just add breastmilk or water

  4. Danneil (verified owner)

    My daughter loves this oatmeal and loved it from the very first bite!

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Nutritional Highlights

• High levels of B vitamins
• Source of iron and fibre

Full Nutritional Table


Moderately ground oats give your little one a wholesome start.

The ingredients are perfect the way Mother Nature made them.