*Luxury Cappuccino Collection* Mammas Moon Milk Blend

(2 customer reviews)


Mamma’s Moon Milk

This is the hot drink for Mamma’s that are tired, stressed and in great need of relaxation time. We know mamma’s rarely get alone time but if you can then you must with our Mamma’s Moon Milk. Tastes like a busy mamma’s relaxation dream in a cup!

Our Moon Milk will calm your mind and relax your body naturally and may help with your breastfeeding journey. Find a dark quiet place to sip this warm, frothy and  smooth drink. Just add approximately 2tsp of mix to a mug of hot milk of your choosing and blend well. Each bag contains 20 servings approximately depending on your individual taste.




2 reviews for *Luxury Cappuccino Collection* Mammas Moon Milk Blend

  1. Heather Wiwchar (verified owner)

    This cappucino is so soothing on a cold day. The warm spices are calming without being too spicy.

  2. Maxcine Symons (verified owner)

    This drink is so warm and tasty it reminds me of the mini doughnuts you get at a fair. It’s a perfect way to end out your night and boost for those night time feeds

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