Espresso Yourself Powdered Mix

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Spice up your java with this wholesome,nutrient-rich addition.

Is your coffee an “average joe?” Spice it up with our health-boosting recipe that is specially formulated to amplify your cup of coffee.

Pimentez votre java avec cet ajout qui est sain et riche en nutriments.

Est-ce que votre café est “terne”?! Pimentez-le avec notre recette spécialement formulée pour booster votre santé ainsi que votre tasse de café.



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54 reviews for Espresso Yourself Powdered Mix

  1. Jessica Woods

    The Espresso Yourself would be AMAZING with Egg Nog. I used it in Banana Bread, muffins, French toast, and coffee. It was so delicious. I mixed it with the Powder Mix+ and it gets you milkin super quick!

  2. kateykroeger (verified owner)

    I love adding this to my iced coffee to give it some extra flavour. It definitely tastes better blended to get a nice, smooth consistency. I can’t wait to try cooking with it too.

  3. jordimccallum (verified owner)

    Now i dont feel as guilty having my daily morning coffee! I love that im able to help boost my milk while enjoying my favourite beverage, it has a very unique flavour that i find myseld craving!

  4. Philippa

    Favourite morning drink – espresso yourself, hot almond milk and vanilla syrup! So delicious

  5. Philippa

    Favourite morning drink – espresso yourself, hot almond milk and vanilla syrup! Takes just like a latte

  6. Stephanie Maksymiw (verified owner)

    I reallly like this added to my morning coffee! I also love that there is turmeric in it! great anti-inflammatory.

  7. Chantel Rolufs

    To be honest I was afraid to add this product to my morning coffee because of the turmeric but am I ever happy that I did! It made it taste even better, all while boosting my supply! What I do is make my regular coffee and then in a milk frother I add in 1 and a half tsp and then tada! The perfect cup of coffee!

  8. brookechoppedleaf (verified owner)

    This product is what keeps me feeling confident about my supply throughout the day. I don’t worry about being able to provide for my daughter, because the Espresso Yourself powder fits in perfectly with my daily routine. I love the rich flavour it adds to my coffee & it tastes amazing in my smoothie bowls too.

  9. Taylor Francis (verified owner)

    I love adding this powder to EVERYTHING! I’ve put it into my morning coffee, lattes, smoothies, muffins, yogurt, you name it! It has such a great flavour.

  10. Brianne (verified owner)

    Love the way this adds flavor to my coffee! It helps increase my production! Which is a huge plus for me! Lasts a while too!

  11. cherish.schutte (verified owner)

    I use this in a chai tea latte most often. I like the flavour. I try to blend it in with my almond milk to make it a bit thicker a frothier.

  12. Taylor Warburton

    This was my first milkinmore product I tried when my baby was 2.5 months old and it was a game changer! It not only helped my milk increase which led to WAY less cluster feeding at night, it also made my coffee taste amazing! I used it in my hot coffee, protein powder shakes and coffee smoothies! Highly recommend if you are a coffee drinker as well!

  13. h_alpaugh

    I’ll be honest I was nervous to add something to my coffee because I love the taste of a good cup of java, but wow I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I felt like I was drinking a fancy drink from a coffee shop. It tasted SO delicious. I’ve been using This along side the cookies and my freezer stash is growing. I’m so happy.

  14. Stephanie Gilchrist (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! It adds a nice spice to my coffee and it helps me get more powder in my day! I blend it with my coffee and my almond milk creamer and it makes it nice and frothy!

  15. brianna

    Was super nervous about ordering it…. but it was very yummie! It definitely has a distinct taste but a nice spicy flavour! Yum!

  16. Kayla Roesch (verified owner)

    I am loving adding this to my latte’s. Adds a nice froth and a delicious spice! Paired perfectly with a little bit of vanilla syrup!

  17. Leanna Vany (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE adding this to my morning coffee routine! Flavour is 10/10 and adds a nice spice for fall coffee time. I 100% recommend! I have had nothing but AMAZING customer service and experience with this local company. Their cookies and brownies are amazing as well!

  18. Danicia Lord (verified owner)

    I love adding this to my chai tea lattes, it gives them such a great flavour! Of course it’s a bonus that something that tastes so good also increases your supply!

  19. Amelia Van Stryland (verified owner)

    I can’t believe I can actually enjoy a MILK BOOSTING cup of coffee. It’s amazing! This powder is so tasty, I really was surprised by the extra depth it added into my coffee. Whip it up with milk, or your favourite flavoured creamer and add to your cup! So easy and so beneficial for you and baby!

  20. shay.fode (verified owner)

    The perfect boost to my morning coffee!

  21. Janice (verified owner)

    A nice addition to a morning cup of coffee. Lovely flavour!

  22. cara.burns (verified owner)

    As this suggests it’s a coffee booster and it does just that! I love my Starbucks but this has quickly replaced my need for it. It’s tastes so yummy I can’t get enough! Best if you froth it with your milk so it doesn’t settle on the bottom of your cup.

  23. Vanessa Balicki (verified owner)

    I’ve really loved adding this to my coffee every morning or tossing some into a shake. I no longer feel guilty about having a cup of coffee (or 2) when I know it is actually benefitting me!

  24. Sarah Rozema (verified owner)

    I love the flavour of this product!! Blended with cream and added to my coffee is my favourite way to drink it!

  25. Ally (verified owner)

    Love the rich taste this adds to my coffee in the mornings. It’s also great in the evenings in steamed milk with some vanilla as it has no caffeine!

  26. Jaiden H (verified owner)

    I just tried this for the first time and it’s so good! I add it into my morning coffee everyday and I have noticed a difference in how much I’m producing already!

  27. Paige Yager (verified owner)

    Love, love the Espresso Yourself Powder Mix! It is the perfect addition to my morning coffee, with all the right spices. The turmeric taste is very subtle and provides such great health benefits. One of my fave products!

  28. amanda.bramley4 (verified owner)

    For sure my favorite powder. So many warm flavors! I love mixing it with my decaf coffee and the hot choc powder or just mixing it into my mm hot chocolate by itself.

  29. Theresa beutel (verified owner)

    Love love love! It has all the right spices to spice up your morning coffee! The taste is amazing and I’ve never had such a great supply highly recommended!

  30. Janis H (verified owner)

    This is the perfect add to a cup of coffee in the morning. The spices in it enhance the coffee flavour and make more milk! It’s a win win!

  31. Megan Sokolan

    Love this to add to coffee or baking! adds a nice spice.

  32. Janis Hudon (verified owner)

    This is the perfect addition to your morning coffee!!! Just blend with your hot coffee. Add a bit of frothy milk on top and bam you have a lactation latte!

  33. Jacey Hamon (verified owner)

    This powder is one of my favs. So good in a chai latte! The perfect amount of spice!

  34. Heather Walker

    This product is so effective!!!! Add a little to your morning coffee and get consistent output from your supply!!! It’s got a little kick to it to get you and your supply through the day!!

  35. Mackenzie D. (verified owner)

    This powder is one of the newer ones I’ve been taking lately and I have been loving it. The perfect amount of warm spice to coffee or lattes and gives a good milk boost too. Highly recommend!

  36. Erika (verified owner)

    I just started adding this to my coffee recently and it adds such a nice flavor -especially during the Christmas season! 1-2 tsps is all you need and it has really helped maintain my supply.

  37. Jess (verified owner)

    My favourite cold in a chai tea latte! Perfect afternoon pick me up.

  38. Janis Hudon (verified owner)

    This is in my every morning coffee – to the point that coffee tastes weird without it. typically I’m a black coffee drinker, so this is a perfect addition to my morning coffee!

  39. Alyssa Brims (verified owner)

    I drink this with my coffee every morning. At first the colour surprised me and I wasn’t sure to be honest, but it’s an absolute must and a great addition to my coffee!

  40. cassidy.bickner (verified owner)

    If you haven’t tried this product, you need to! Flavour is a great addition to any drink and so helpful for milk production. I usually drink it in a latte with a splash of vanilla.

  41. brianna (verified owner)

    This powder is so good! It is perfect in your morning coffee, or in a chai tea!
    It’s full of warm spices! It’s amazing definitely give it a try!

  42. Paige Lenius (verified owner)

    espresso yourself has such an amazing taste to it! like a chai i think! i use it everyday in my coffee! highly recommend if you’re a coffee drinker

  43. Wyleen Hantelman

    If you’re a coffee lover like myself, you will LOVE this product. Such an easy way to get your Milkin’ More supply added to your day. I love the taste, my coffee tastes weird without it! My favourite part about Espresso is that it’s so versatile, you can add it to almost anything

  44. Melissa Lukan (verified owner)

    If your a fan of mochas or coffee you will love this! It’s the perfect addition to coffee as well as a good tumeric latte if your not a coffee drinker!

  45. Kate Burke (verified owner)

    This products is a great additive to your daily coffee!! Also love the hints of cinnamon. One of my favorite powders and now definitely one of my go-to powders!

  46. Samantha Weber (verified owner)

    This has quickly become one of my favorite milkin more products! I put some in my coffee along with my creamer and it gives it the best flavorful spice I just love it so much and notice a big help with my milk supply after taking it daily. Highly recommend!!

  47. Alycia Lawrence (verified owner)

    Amazing!!! So many different ways you can use it! In coffee- hot or iced or add it to cold foam on top of any hot drink of choice! So good! And such a fun way to add in a supply boost! Also in smoothies or a milk shake, yum!

  48. emily0white (verified owner)

    Ordered this on my last order and it’s become a great addition to my morning vanilla latte. Offers just enough spice to change it up from time to time.

  49. Heather Wiwchar (verified owner)

    My favourite afternoon pick me up is Espresso Yourself in a decaf hot/iced coffee! Gives my brain and boobs a boost!

  50. Maxine symons (verified owner)

    This is a must now in my morning coffee!!! Hot or iced it add the right amount of kick to it! I’ve been using it for several months now and I’m able to feed baby and pump an extra 10 to 15 oz of milk a day for my stash

  51. Meagan Reynolds (verified owner)

    I put this in my coffee every morning! It is the perfect combo of spices.

  52. Sarah Sabraw (verified owner)

    I love adding Espresso Yourself to my coffee every morning with my creamer or milk. It has a warm spice taste to it and I find it helps boost my supply. Always a great start to my day!

  53. alyciawatson (verified owner)

    Super versatile product in my eyes. Of course I love the flavour in my coffee BUT if you like rice pudding, add this to it along with cinnamon, I promise you will love it!

  54. Mindful Mama YQG

    Perfect for mixing with a chai or rooibos tea! I love the earthy flavour of the spices & herbs, it gives super cozy vibes. I found an increase in my supply about 2 hours after consuming 2 tsps

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Organic gluten-free oats, Organic ground golden flax seed, Organic moringa powder, Organic brewer’s yeast, Organic collagen, Organic turmeric, Organic Ceylon cinnamon, Organic nutmeg, Organic ground ginger, Organic ground cloves, Organic black pepper.

Full Nutritional Table

Nutritional Highlights

Source of:
• Iron, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and fibre
• Vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, C, E, calcium and potassium)
• Provides antioxidants
• Immune booster


The Espresso Yourself fusion uses food-based galactagogues such as oats, flax seed and moringa powder with the added benefits of collagen, turmeric and a blend of fragrant spices. These ingredients combined create a “dream team” that assist you with your nursing needs (“Plus” option recommended for breastfeeding and “Regular” for those that are not breastfeeding).

Galactagogue: A food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s milk.

Did you know that low levels of iron in your body can reduce your breast milk supply?

Oats have high levels of iron, fibre, protein and complex carbs that helps lower cholesterol, playing a large role in increasing your breast milk supply.

Flax seed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibre. We use ground flax seed in all of our recipes for easier digestion and nutrient

Moringa is known as “nature’s miracle tree” due to all of the health benefits it provides.

Moringa powder is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E, calcium, potassium and protein.

The Plus…

Did you know that starting in our 20’s we lose about 1% of collagen per year?

We add collagen to our Espresso Yourself fusion to maintain your skin’s elasticity and to assist in the repair process. It is a vital protein that helps build connective tissue, aids in digestion and supports healthy skin, hair, nails and joints.

Turmeric is said to play a large role in disease treatment and prevention.

This super spice reduces inflammation, provides antioxidants, works as a pain reliever and can improve liver function.

The fragrant blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and pepper create an amazing flavor while delivering health benefits of their own.

Together this blend boosts your immune system, prevents inflammation, and reduces stress and fatigue.


  • ¾ cup milk of choice
  • Heat up for approx. 2 minutes
  • Add your favourite espresso coffee
  • Add 1 ½ tsp Espresso Yourself powder
  • Add 3 tsp flavoured vanilla syrup
  • Blend well